Gnotes – Morena Rebelde (Remix)

Congas in the backseat and guitars in the trunk, Gnotes drove south from Seattle last week and set-up-shop at the new Gnawledge studios in Boyle Heights, LA.

Our bienvenido al barrio party on Sunday at Ecléctica featured Gnotes, Daunte, Fabian and Reyes on percussion with Dj Canyon on decks.  Much respect to Farah Sosa for the always amazing party photos.


Canyon played 2 new chicha remezclas at the party: Los Ribereños “Silbando (GRC Remix) and this Gnotes remix of "Mi Morena Rebelde" by Eusebio Y Su Banjo.

Both originals are featured on the fenomenal Barbes' compilation Roots of Chicha, and gets nalga love @ youtube.


"Chicha is an indigenous music that was spontaneously created by the culture clash of the '60s when the Indian population of the Peruvian Amazon discovered the Columbian pop music known as cumbia and American rock & roll. As cheap electric instruments became available, Amazon Indians put together dance bands that used the syncopated beat of cumbia — which sounds like a laid-back Latin cousin of ska — as the foundation for melodies that sound like Andean folk tunes, played on electric guitar with lots of effects and Tex-Mex style Farfisa." (source: Garden of Delights)

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  1. Gretchen says:

    COME to NYC …. at least a date, por favor! 

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