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Subsuelo – Global Bassment

Gnawledge presents SUBSUELO …   new global bass remix album produced by Gnotes and El Canyonazo

Featuring 15 Latin low-end remezclas made for the Subsuelo dancefloor in Boyle Heights (East Los Angeles), the new Global Bassment mixtape also features DJ Ethos on the cuts.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Afro-Cuban hip-hop, flamenco fusion, Caribbean dubstep, Malian womp, Peruvian chicha bounce and Barcelona rumba reggaeton.

Subsuelo – Global Bassment Mixtape [ft. Gnotes, El Canyonazo & DJ Ethos]

To celebrate our 2011 summer tour (which continues tonight in LA and ends next week in New York), Gnawledge is releasing 15 global bass tracks produced by Gnotes exclusively for the dancing folk at SUBSUELO –> click to download

Check out FarahStop party photos from SUBSUELO: May and June


Last summer, Gnawledge released Panama Doaba: The Funky Isthmus Mixtape to celebrate our 2010 summer tour, followed by Gnotes' Strings Attached, an instrumental EP of electronic flamenco grunge recorded in Seattle.

Gnotes will be performing in Boston next Monday July 25th alongside Afro DZ, Noni Kai, Mandeep Sethi, Brooklyn Shanti and DJ Canyon for the Gnawledge 7 Year Birthday Party at Beat Research hosted by Wayne & Wax and DJ Flack. 

And then 2 shows in New York City both on Thursday July 28th. From 6-10pm we'll be performing at Recess, an early evening international hip-hop show with WorldUp and MyCypher in the outdoor beer garden attached to Hostelling International in Harlem.  Then it's a late-night global bass baile with Dj Canyon in Brooklyn with the Cumba Mela crew at Bembe. 

TONIGHT at SUBSUELO, our guest DJ is BENNETT from Amoeba Records. As always, we'll also feature flamenco dance by La Tigresa + unfukwitable turntablism by DJ Ethos, live percussion from trio of drummers, photos by the eversnappy Farah Sosa, and global beats from resident selectors Cañon and Gozar.

DOWNLOAD –>  Subsuelo – Global Bassment

Gnawledge 2010 Summer Tour recap

Following our East Coast adventure a few months back, the Gnawledge familia got together again this summer for shows across the Pacific Coast.  Our performances were all over the [proverbial] map, ranging from hardcore orthodox rap shows to lithe acoustic latin-jazz improv jams to geeked-out hippy ravertón bailes … global music 2.0, as they say


August 27th – First show of the tour featured Gnotes [joined by Elemental Zazen above] rapping for a sold-out crowd in his hometown Seattle, performing along with Houston rapper extraordinaire Devin the Dude.  Vulgar lyrics, badass basslines & herb by the pound. Goodtimes.

August 29th – While Elemental Zazen held it down in Seattle (headlining a show at Nectar), Gnotes and DJ Canyon traveled south for a show with Mandeep Sethi and Humble the Poet at an art gallery in Sacramento.  Righteous indignant thoughtful lyricism, plus jokes about turbans & the TSA. Lots of real cute Sikh girls, tho Mandeep politely warned me I had less then 0% chance.


August 30th – September 6th – Gnotes and DJ Canyon performed at Burning Man along with NYC tropical bass DJ crew Cumba Mela and recent Portland transplant Olde Toby, who built and designed our mobile sound-system / DJ booth art car, pictured above with DJ Canyon manning the turnytables.  Dusty dancing amor libre & drogas abundantes. Gnawledge will be back next year.

September 7th – Gnawledge trumpeteer Afro DZ ak arrived in Los Angeles less than 24 hours after DJ Canyon emerged from the Black Rock Desert.  Just days prior, Afro performed his final show in Boston (where he’s been living for almost 10 years) before moving to Mexico to work at an orphanage in Colima. His debut performance in LA was at Natural High, a weekly Tuesday night event hosted by Talissa Love at Industry Jazz, an Ethiopian restaurant / speakeasy jazz cafe.

daunte fabian jester518359_56910845_1008527_n

September 8th – Ojai (California) improvisación del colectivo Gnawledge, featuring Afro DZ (trumpet), the1shanti (vocals), David Gorospe (keys), Fabian Mauricio (drums), Daunte Jerrell (congas), and Canyon Cody (mostly just wearing a hat).  Daunte and Fabian (pictured above) previously collab’d with Gnawledge at the Granada Doaba show @ El Cid. Fresh off the boat from NYC, Universal Zulu Nation/Gnawledge rapper the1shanti never missed a beat.

After the show, Ojai was blessed with a pico de baile conducted by New York discjockey Atropolis from Cumba Mela, who will be heading to Colombia for a 2 month recording adventure in the new year.

Issa Bagayogo-Gnangran (Atropolis Lite Edit) by Cumba Mela

September 9th El Canyonazo @ Afro Funké … Every Thursday @ Zanzibar, Jeremy Sole and Glen Redd host a global funk convocation featuring outernational artists like Nickedemus, Blitz the Ambassador & Nneka.  This week Afro Funké welcomed DJ Canyon, AfroDZak and the1shanti into their global groove temple along with South African rapper Spoek Mathambo, who joined the Gnawledge crew on-stage for a song before his set (video above).

Canyon played a medley of Gnawledge música, opening with “El Manisero de Potemkin” and debuting new cumbia remezclas  from Panama Doaba.


September 13th –  With Afro in Mexico and Gnotes back in Seattle, our tour was officially over, but our Dutty Artz / Que Bajo bredren Geko Jones happened to be in town playing at Mustache Mondays.  Geko extended a neighborly invite to fellow Brooklynite the1shanti to spread some butter v toast on the mic, getting the dance floor ready for resident selectors Josh Peace and Total Freedom.

Next GNAWLEDGE show = Friday October 29th in Los Angeles … DJ Canyon @ Tormenta Tropical along with los padrinos del moombahton Dave Nada & Munchi, Paul Devro (Mad Decent), Oro11 (Bersa Discos), and Lengua, Ganas & Benona (Más Exitos).

Gnotes and Devin the Dude (Live in Seattle)

It had been a few years since we did a show with Devin the Dude. A few weeks ago,  Gnotes welcomed the Houston rapper back to his hometown Seattle for sold-out show at Nectar.

Gnotes at Nectar

Gnotes performed with gnawledge bredren Elemental Zazen, who headlined his own show at Nectar a few days later.  They both performed music from their upcoming albums, including “Kill Em With the Beat” (video below) which features a guest appearance from Fashawn on Zazen’s new record.

Gnotes and Zazen were joined on-stage by drummer David Carmona and Dj Canyon Cody — check out his blog for more photos.  Devin and Gnotes also recorded a new song “Windows in the Whip” which will appear on Gnotes’ upcoming album Conflicts and Interest.

Devin is the sort of dude that makes everybody feel good — and not just because he’ll pass a blunt to his fans in the front row.  From Snoop to Andre3000, Devin gets respect from the biggest names in the game, yet remains a friendly, humble, professional poet, bringing laughter (and munchies) everywhere he goes.

props to Ryan Dwyer / photos: Eric Krebs

Afro DZ & Dj Canyon Cody @ AfroFunké

damn we’re excited for this show in Los Angeles tomorrow …

Gnawledge artists Canyon Cody, Afro DZ, and the1shanti will perform Thursday September 9th at Zanzibar in Santa Monica at a show co-sponsored by Afro Funké and The Fader magazine.  The party will celebrate South African rapper/DJ/producer Spoek Mathambo‘s first visit to the United States, performing music from his new album Mshini Wam.

Afro Funké

September 9, 2010

very special guest: SPOEK MATHAMBO (SOUTH AFRICA)
Part of a new breed of African artists, 24 year old Spoek Mathambo (Rapper/DJ and Graphic Designer/Illustrator) is hitting the world hard with his take on Afro-futurism. Spoek sees himself as a part of a new wave of energy in Africa, which is intent on nurturing a sense of progressiveness while maintaining a pride in culture. As front-man for electrorap outfits SWEAT.X and PLAYDOE, Spoek Mathambo has become a increasingly prominent figure in the international music scene over the last couple of years.

guest deejay: DJ CANYON CODY + AFRO DZ (live)
Global bass DJ and Fulbright scholar in ethnomusicology, Canyon Cody will be joined by Boston hiphop trumpeteer Afro DZ in celebration of their new Gnawledge cumbia remix album Panama Doaba. Digital drums and analog horns come together for a funky wiggle al ritmo tropical.

Afro Funke’ Thursdays

resident deejay:
@ Zanzibar
1301 5th Street @ Arizona
Santa Monica, CA 90401
310.451.2221 / 21+ (EVERYONE must have ID)
9pm – 2am
$10 presale / $12 at door

Panama Doaba [Funky Isthmus Mixtape]

1970s cumbia tropical + 21st century hip-hop = Panama Doaba

The Funky Isthmus Mixtape features instrumentals produced by Gnotes for the upcoming Gnawledge EP Panama Doaba, mixed by DJ Canyon Cody with acapellas from Maluca Mala, Calle 13, Isa GT, Tego Calderón  y más.

FREE DOWNLOAD –> Panama Doaba – The Funky Isthmus Mixtape

Produced by Gnotes with an Akai MPC 2000XL and a microKORG synthesizer, Panama Doaba features original Gnawledge hiphop remezclas of Panamanian calypso, funk and cumbia from the 1960s & 70s, sampled from Soundway Records 12″ vinyl compilations Panama! Vol. 1, Panama! Vol. 2, & Panama! Vol. 3.



1. Papi Brandao Y Su Ejecutivos “Decidete Mi Amor” (Gnawledge Remix)
… con Maluca Mala [“El Tigeraso“] and Calle 13 [“La Jirafa“]
2. Papi Brandao Y Su Ejecutivos “Viva Panama” (Gnawledge Remix)
3. Papi Brandao Y Su Conjunto Aires Tableños “La Murga de Panama” (GN Remix)
… con Yaga & Mackie ft. Tego Calderón [“Fuego Fuego“]
4. Los Jimaguas “Los Dos Hermanos” (Gnawledge Remix)
… con Julio Voltio [“Mambo“]
5. Sir Valentino con Combo Esclavos Alegras “Masters are Gone” (GN Remix)
6. Alfredo Y Su Salsa Montañera “La Escoba” (Gnawledge Remix)
… con Isa GT [“Pela’o“].
7. Bush y Sus Magneficos –  Nana Nina (Gnawledge Remix)
8. Chocolate Caliente – Mi Guajira Inspiracion (Gnawledge Remix)
… con Black Point ft Sensato [“Watagatapitusberry“]
9. Beby Castor con Los Juvenilles “Llororas” (Gnawledge Remix)

MP3 DOWNLOAD –> Funky Isthmus Mixtape [23 mins / 55 mb]

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