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Canyon Cody

Canyon Cody is a global bass DJ,/ producer from California, and founder of Gnawledge Records. Download his DJ mix Wild Jack Salt and  instrumental flamenco hip-hop album Granada Doaba.   Born in Hollywood after his family left Cuba, Canyon Cody started Gnawledge Records in 1954 to promote global hip-hop collaboration and analog/digital fusion.  He has produced two compilations, Flow From Above and Granada Doaba, and released 5 albums from multi-instrumentalist rappers Gnotes, Elemental Zazen and Afro DZ ak . Listen to an interview with Canyon Cody at NPR's All Things Considered. In 2008, Canyon Cody was a Fulbright Scholar in ethnomusicology, researching the Arab roots of flamenco. Along with co-producer Gnotes, Canyon Cody worked with 16 immigrant musicians in Spain to record Granada Doaba, an academic experiment in instrumental hip-hop rooted in flamenco and Middle Eastern music. In college, Canyon Cody hosted a Boston hip-hop show on WZBC 90.3 FM and DJ'd weekly parties at Tonic, Wonderbar, Kells and The Avenue.  He published more than 100 articles as the Music Editor for The Heights and majored in International Studies, with a concentration on Global Culture. In Spain, DJ Canyon hosted weekly parties at Babylon, BoogaClub, Granada 10, and D'Cuadros, and toured summer festivals throughout Europe, performing in France, Germany, Holland and the UK. Now back him in Los Angeles, Canyon Cody is touring with Granada Doaba and working on new albums from Gnotes and Elemental Zazen, featuring guest appearances from Devin the Dude, Canibus, Jean Grae, Blockhead, Eligh and Kno. Albums produced by Canyon Cody: Gnotes - Rhymes and Beats Elemental Zazen Elevation Flow From Above Inthrumental Broken Spoke

Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Gnotes Remix)

Gotye's song "Somebody That I Used To Know" was LA radio station KCRW's Top Tune yesterday.  It's a beautiful track; haunting, heavy and heartbroken.  Gnotes gives the original some bounce in his remix, which comes alongside this b-side Florence and the Machine remix.

These remixes come as a detour follow-up to his Global Bassment mixtape to No String Attached EP, both from 2011.  These indie rock remixes show yet another side of Gnotes' prolific, diverse style. From Inthrumental to Rhymes and Beats, Gnotes has produced, rapped, performed and remixed everything from boombap to grunge.

Lately he's been hosting Gnawledge MyCypher in LA, a monthly hip-hop freestlye/jam-session … something like pick-up basketball for rappers, DJs and bboys (next Gnawledge cypher is Tuesday October 11th).

Gnotes continues to rock the cajón and flamenco guitar at Subsuelo,  the monthly global bass party in East LA featuring El Canyonazo, Gozar and DJ Ethos. 

His score for the upcoming flamenco documentary Kumpania, featuring Jose Tanaka & Antonio de Jerez, will be released along with the film in the new year.

And his sophomore rap record featuring Devin the Dude, Elemental Zazen, Mandeep Sethi, Jake One … coming soon.  But for now here's a Florence and the Machine remix he did this week.

All photos courtesy of FarahStop.

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