Elemental Zazen's Nothing to Lose But Change features the Seattle rapper collaborating with Canibus, Fashawn, Gnotes and Jean Grae

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Nothing to Lose But Change boasts diverse production from Jake One, Kno (Cunninlynguists), M-Phazes, Joe Beats, Blue Sky Black Death, J.Ferra, Gnotes, Metaform, and Eligh.

Boom-bap breaks, intricate rhymes, dirty drums, radical politics, live instrumentation, killer DJ cuts, and an old-school aggressive flow.

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FREE 4-Track Album Sampler

1. "Kill Em With the Beat" [ft. Fashawn]
(Produced by Joe Beats)

2. "Lockjaw" (Produced by Jake One)

3. "Hollow Heart" [feat. Canibus]
(Produced by J. Ferra) 

4. "Words that I Write"
(Produced by M-Phazes)


  • Fast, furious, raw, and reflective… Verbally nimble and righteously indignant, Zazen rhymes with a purpose" Boston Globe

Elemental Zazen recorded his critically-acclaimed Gnawledge debut The Glass Should Be Full amidst a life-threatening battle with a malignant brain tumor.  After recovering from his young confrontation with death,  Elemental Zazen toured across the US + Europe, performing with Immortal Technique, Kool Keith, Devin the Dude, Mr. Lif, Cunninlynguists and Murs.

While his last album was fueled with anger and frustration, his new record Nothing to Lose But Change is filled with gratitude for a second chance at life, and hip-hop. After relocating from Boston to Seattle, Elemental Zazen put together his his dream-list of producers and MCs to collaborate with on his new album.

The son of international school teachers, Elemental Zazen was born in the US and raised in Al Taif (Saudi Arabia) and Beijing (China). Despite growing up in vastly different countries, Zazen saw a similar pattern of injustice everywhere he called home. Unwilling to accept a system that produces inhumane poverty and opulent wealth side-by-side, Elemental Zazen focused his fury into his 2004 debut The Adolescence Weapon – which The Weekly Dig praised as “one of Boston’s most enlightened hip-hop discs in recent memory.”

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