Afro DZ ak is a multi-instrumentalist MC who uses music, hip-hop and spoken-word poetry to promote positive social change. An on-stage triple threat, Afro DZ ak wields a mighty trumpet, plays keys, and rhymes on the mic.  His debut solo album Elevation was released through Gnawledge Records in 2008.

ELEVATION available at iTunes, Amazon + CDBaby

Born Pete Shungu in Princeton, New Jersey to a father from the heartland of Africa (Democratic Republic of Congo) and a mother from the heartland of America (Kansas), Afro DZ ak has been playing trumpet and piano for over 15 years.

Currently living in Boston, Mass., Afro DZ ak performs regurarly with his band Afro DZ ak All-Stars, while making beats under the alias DJ Wembi (which is his Congolese name given at birth and means ‘musician’ in Otetela).

A self-described “part-time musician, full-time activist,Afro DZ ak is currently pursuing his Masters in Education in order to become a high school teacher.  For the last 4 years he’s worked full-time in the Boston public school system as a financial aid advisor with the non-profit organization ACCESS. He has been a part of the Big Brothers of Mass. Bay program for over 7 years and is currently the SwirlArts co-chair for the multiracial organization SwirlBoston

A former member of The Eclectic Collective, Afro DZ ak is featured on the band’s first two albums, Time Flies and The Flux. He also appears on producer Willie Green’s mixtape The Proof and the Project: Think Different album Empowerment, as well as Soul Movement’s debut Get Away.

After collaborating on recent Gnawledge albums from Gnotes [Inthrumental and Rhymes and Beats], Elemental Zazen [The Glass Should Be Full], and Granada Doaba ["Senda del Abuelo"], Afro DZ ak released solo debut Elevation in 2008.


His debut solo album Elevation is available at iTunes, Amazon + CDBaby

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